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Saving Energy




Current technologies


Argon fill

Our windows can be filled with gas called Argon.  The gas is filled between the panes of glass which increase energy efficiency. Argon is an inexpensive, non-toxic, odourless gas that is used to increase the thermal efficiency of the window.

Some of the benefits are:


• Increased U-Values

• Increased soundproofing characteristics

• Minimizes heat exchange through the window

• Your heating and cooling systems will work more efficiently when you install argon gas windows


Warm edge spacer

This refers to the spacer bar material used to separate the panes of glass of the double or triple glazed unit.  Many manufacturers use aluminium spacer bar which is fine but unfortunately aluminium transfers the heat from the inside of a building outside through this spacer bar, thereby reducing the benefits of improved glazing.  In addition to the increased heat loss, the colder edge is more prone to condensation.   Some of the benefits are:

• provides better window insulation

• helps prevent condensation forming on the inside of the window.

• helps create energy saving windows which in turn saves you money.

Low-emissivity glass

Low-emissivity (low-E) or thermally insulating glass has a transparent metallic coating on one side. This coating reduces the amount of heat lost through a window by reflecting the heat generated inside the house (long wave infra-red radiation) back into the room.

Some of the benefits of using ‘low e soft coat’ are:


• better thermal insulation - reducing heat loss further, saving you even more money on your heating bills and making your room more comfortable.

• has less tint to it - which gives clearer vision through your windows and means your curtains or Georgian Bars do not look dirty or discoloured.

• allows more light into the room - making it a more comfortable environment and reducing the requirement for additional lighting inside.


PVC & Aluminium Frame technology


With their large contact surface area, our frames provide superb thermal insulation and soundproofing. They also comply with all current Building Regulations and have both BS 7412:2002 for weather performance and BS EN 12567-1:2000 accreditations.

Protection from rogue elements


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