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Triple Glazing


The Window Factory is now producing affordable quality triple glazed windows to replace the less energy efficient double glazed windows.



Triple glazing is the best available glazing option to get real savings on energy and cost.  Our triple glazed windows are 30-40% more energy efficient than an ‘A Rated Window’.  They also provide better acoustic insulation and reduce internal condensation.



“The Window Factory have been manufacturing triple glazed units for more than 27 years and consider ourselves to be ahead of the competition.  I installed triple glazing into my own property in 1988 and I have personally noticed the benefits.  I can safely say that triple glazing really does work and I always recommend triple glazing to all of our customers”.

David Hagar, Managing Director of The Window Factory


Is triple glazing better than double-glazing?

The difference between single glazed, double glazed and triple glazed put simply if the number of panes of glass in the window. However, there are very many different variables that actually determine the performance of a window.  All window performances are rated in U-values. The lower the U-Value the more energy efficient the window is. Double-glazing has a lower value than single glazing, but as you can imagine when you add that third pane of glass, the U value goes even lower.


The Government have recently produced a code for sustainable homes, which points the way forward in Britain.  The aim is to produce zero carbon ‘new homes’ from 2016.  Energy performance in windows and glass are measured using U-Values and this code specifies a target for windows of 0.8 U-Value, the lower the U-Value the more energy efficient the window will be.  A typical double glazed window in today’s market will vary between a U-Value of 2.0 and 1.4. Individual sealed units are also measured in specific areas using U-Values.  We can achieve a center pane U-Value of 0.6.  This is made possible by using high-energy performance glass and argon gas.


Important facts:


Triple glazing can be up to 40% more thermally efficient than an A-Rated unit

Triple glazed windows and doors will reduce droughts and cold spots in a room

Will reduce the impact of exterior noise

Triple glazed windows and doors will save UK homeowners hundreds of pounds in energy costs.





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